We envision a society with communities where individuals pursue greatness through the wisdom of serving others.  


Our mission is to empower and nurture individuals who will achieve better life exploits as they unleash the greatness within them. 

Core Values

Our core values are the lifeblood of our organization. We enable GREATNESS in others. There are nine core values that we live by:

 Growth We promote individual and communal growth, embracing a learning attitude in all we do.
 Respect We see everyone as worthy and establish a culture that facilitates high respect of differences. 
 Empowerment We are committed to empowering others with knowledge, skills, and resources for a better life.
 Action We foster an action-oriented environment, allowing us to produce results that make a difference.
 Talent We value all individuals and enhance their talent toward a more fuller expression of its potential.
 Networking We find tremendous joy in relationships and connecting with others in numerous avenues. 
 Excellence We excel in working smartly, putting in the extra effort to get marvelous things done.
 Service We serve others with a passionate and determined desire to enable them reach greatness.   
 Significance We pursue the joy of doing something great for others and see true success as serving others.