These six causes are outlined using the lens of what we call our ROI:

R represents the realities (what challenges us)
O represents opportunities (what drives us) 
I represents initiatives (what we work on)

Our Realities

We define why this is a key issue or what rouses us in the context of enabling greatness.

Our Opportunities

We define an opening that offers a window for intervening to address the reality challenge.

Our Initiatives

We identify specific action plans that can be adopted for framing life-change programs that are offered. Our goal at EG is to bring fresh thinking to current approaches of enhancing human services through a focus that qualitatively enhances the livelihood of the individual. We create programs that emerge from initiatives that are geared toward enabling individual greatness. We address six key issues that we have identified as critical for social change that is positive and rewarding to whole communities. These issues are: 

Employee Enhancement - Our current initiative in this area is The SERVE Assessment Tool that we are launching.

Networking Individuals - Our current initiative in this area is the development of corporate partnerships and a presence in the city.

Adolescent Advancement - Our current initiative is to empower youth between ages 16-24 who are out of school and not working.

Building Life Skills - Our current initiative is the development of a curriculum that will aid in teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

Leveraging Leadership - Our current initiave is the exploration of avenues through which we can support advancement efforts.

Expeditions Internationally - Our current initiative is to explore the development of an international arm of Enable Greatness.